West Palm Beach Real estate photography :: twilight shot

West Palm Beach Real estate photographer

:: twilight shot ::

Do you want your property stand out?

May be you can ad twilight frontal or pool photography to your package ?

This is not my favorite twilight shot but this is one I remembered to take before shot to show you difference in look.

And you can see BIG difference in look

before and after twilight photos real estate photography When to schedule twilight shot?

I usually try to schedule it right after interior shot but start setting everything up at least 45 minutes before sunset.

It takes at least 20 up to 150 (depends on size of the house) combined shots to properly light house and get the “sky in fire” look.

Of course it all depends what side your house is facing, but sometimes you can get great sunset reflections  or pool shots if house is facing west.

west palm beach real estate photographer

Call me if you have any questions how to schedule and prepare for twilight shot !

Sincerely your

florida real estate photographer


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    Irene August 20, 2015

    This is truly great real estate photography. I will be sure to let anyone that I know here in Florida to contact you if they need good photos of their property.

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