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I did switch delivery system for my real estate photography and I’m happy now

This is how it looks now.

west palm beach real estate photographer
west palm beach real estate photographer

Little Video Help

I made this quick screen shot video for my realtors. This should help you figure out how to download files and post on MLS. Sorry, for bad sound on this video. My computers internal mike is not the best 🙂 I wanted to make this to help you ASAP, since many of you called and asked for it. As soon as I will get better Microphone I will do whole series showing you step by step from moment you receive email from me to the post pictures in flexMLS. My real estate agents, let me know if you are interested me to make this and deliver for you as training material!

Video walk trough for real estate : Florida real estate video

Video walk trough for real estate.

To help you stand out in real estate market, promote your property and improve SEO and boost your real estate video marketing.

I can help you with your real estate video production, filming and editing.

Tell the story with video about property and surrounding areas and neighborhood .

Make your potencial buyer feel they are with you at video walk trough.

How achieve it. Instead of still pictures make real estate video tour and aeral videos to help people imagine them owning the place and living there. A specially today when many potential home buyers make decisions online.

Florida real estate video and photography. Video tours become more and more popular for real estate marketing.

Do not follow trends – be a trendsetter!

Florida_real-estate_photographer_boca. Florida real estate photographer kitchen