Light filled lof in Delray Beach :: real estate photography

Light filled lof in Delray Beach

As real estate photographer do have a lot of great houses and apartments, but this was special. Very lofty …almoust big town feeling. If you are looking to live in artsy, beachy and layed back area – Delray is your town, but if you do not want to miss Chicago or Nyc city feeling at home, this apartment is for you.

High ceilings, a lots of light, sleak concreate floors etc etcand its all walking distance to restourants and beach.

Real_estate_photography_SE_florida DelDReal_estate_photographer Real_estate_photographer Real estatephotography SE florida West Palm Beach Real estate photographer West Palm Beach Real estate photographer

Real estate video ::

First day test with my new DJI Osmo.

Its great even in low light.

Love how gimbal smothes out my movements. its will be realy great for house walk trought video.

Yes, it was my first video with this camera and i will need some time for learning tips and tricks,but already fugured out panning and all camera settings and video editing details. So exited to mix it in with still photography and help more real estate agents to sell houses faster.

Call me and will do test real estate video for you for special price!

I’m ready to tell story about your house now.

Check it out for next updates.

Real estate photography and video.

White house in west palm beach

One of the main reasons why I still do real estate photography in Miami,

even its hour and a half drive to shot,

are houses or apartments like this house.

Clean lines just touch of color as accent. All crisp and shiny 🙂 But this time house was located in one of the West palm beahc subburbs.

It was everithing i would do at my house. They even had the same finish chairs as i’m refinishing now.

Yes, my taste is more urban the subburban:) and this house was plesant surpirse for me.

Never judge house from the front!

Only thing I wish realtor would order areal pictures for this was located on big lot on golf couse it would look great from birds eye view.





west palm beach real estate photographerwest palm beach real estate photographerwest palm beach real estate photographerwest palm beach real estate photographerwestpalmbeach_real_estate_photographer-8

224 River Drive, Tequesta, Florida :: Real estate photography


Renovated adorable 4 bedroom 2 bath home in the heart of Tequesta Country Club. Split floor plan nestled around the oversized pool and patio with pocket sliders to the patio for easy access. Updated eat in kitchen with a view of the river. Authentic wood burning fireplace in the Living Room with a tray ceiling for added ambiance. Boat storage available on the side of the home with easy access. This home sits on a very high, plush and lighted landscaped lot. Very short walk from your front door to the park and boat ramp.

Virtual tour

Areal photography :: Florida real estate

Areal photography for real estate sellers

If you like to see how I look…there you go …..that little bug on cul de sac is me:)

while I was photographing house for sale in Smith farms neighborhood in Lake Worth Florida.

Would you like your house to be photographed from birds eye view?

Call me and see what we can do 🙂

areal phtotography florida

areal phtotography florida

Rachel Zoe:: how to make your place Stylish

I’m no sure you guys do not know but i’m upsest with Rachel Zoe.

Even with her ridiculiness to overdress her kids in designer outfits. But my theory is – if you can afford it why not.

She has one of the characteristics what I value most in people – She works hard.

But why i’m posting about Rachel Zoe here in real estate photography blog?

I stumbled upon her article in Architectural Digest about how to make your place stylish.

And as a realtors you know…sometimes it is hard to sell property if decor is outdated and old school.

You don’t have to redecorate whole house but just couple simple tweeks would help.

I have seen comparison ton the properties I have photographed. I did have two real estate shots in the same neighborhood, on the same street. I did good job on both of them…one was sold ~45 days earlier. Only one difference was in decor. Actulally house what was sold later had better backyard view.

The house what was sold later was full wich chackies and old furniture. Sellers not have to go and shop for new furniture just get new bedspread box away your grandmas figurines and old silk plants etc etc…but I will talk about it in my next posts. And maybe an inteview with a stager company.

Just simple excerpts from her article –

Know When to Outsource “People always assume interior design is something I’m really good at, or obsessed with, and I am in some ways. But for me, having a designer to help make the vision come to life is a necessity. I think having someone to execute and create and bring what they think will work is so helpful. Literally, this is everything I wanted. And I couldn’t have done this on my own, no way.”

Remember, Less Is More “I wanted to create a really airy, dreamlike environment—that’s how I’ve always approached any place I’m going to spend time, whether it’s my home, my office, or now this pop-up shop. I never want to feel cluttered. I never want to feel cramped. I like less furniture—but furniture with an impact.”

And again why i’m talking about it here? I would love to help you to sell properties faster. My pictures help, but to be prepared for 100% success, property has to be prepared for shoot as well. I have agents who has prephotoshoot consultations with seller and gives recomendations how to rearrange existing furniture what decorations take away or what to add before real estate photography takes place.

Based on my experience I will be posting series of articles for agents – how to stage and prepare house for photoshoot.

Please come back to check it out. But meanwhile enjoy what Rachel Zoe has to say on this topic.


And just one sample of perfectly prepered house for photoshoot  and im sure it will sell fast.

westpalmbeach_real_estate_photographer.jpg westpalmbeach_real_estate_photographer_6 westpalmbeach_real_estate_photographer-7 westpalmbeach_real_estate_photographer-8 westpalmbeach_real_estate_photographer westpalmbeach_real_estate_photographer3 westpalmbeach_real_estate_photographer4


Florida Real estate photography :: Boca raton

850 SW 19th Ave Living room850 SW 19th Ave Kitchen850 SW 19th Ave Boca raton 850 SW 19th Ave pool

how is spent superbowl sunday :: Florida real estate photographer

How is spent this superbowl sunday ?

Not watching Coldplay or Bruno Mars or who ever else performed this year – did spend this sunday photographing great property at Woodfield country club for one of my agents at Luxury Partners Realty. Are you surprised?

You know prefer socker over america football 🙂 and I can not stand Bruno Marss

but enough about football let the pictures talk.

Boca Raton Real estate photography

 real estate photographer  real estate photographer  real estate photographer  real estate photographer

florida real estate photographer

House revard for 2015 :: arhitectural and interior design photographer

Today i reveiceved badge from

Thank you! It was my pleasure to work with houzz designers in 2015

Remodeling and Home Design

Hope 2016 will be even more succesfull and busy for all of us.

Thank you


My 2015 in real estate photography and not only :)

My year 2015 review as real estate photographer in Florida

Last year in real estate photography was chalanging and with lot of changes for me.

A lot of great houses photographed and amaising new clients met.

will post my fav houses and rooms photographed this year.

My favorite real estate virtual tour of 2015 is – waterfront house on Flagler

It was chalenging to photograph but it was so tastfully done and designed and had great joy to photograph it.

My next blogging project for real estate agents in florida is called

“agents vs real estate photographer”

where i will publish the same real estate photographed by agents or owners and then by me .

Why ? to show you why you need to hire professional real estate photographer.

Then next would be story about wich homeowners are ready to sell and will sell house succesfully and how you can tell from real estate photography point of view.

west palm beach real estate photographer 3440 S Ocean Palm beach Florida-1 Costa Brava Condo-04 309ValenciaroadWPB-58 Tequesta real estate photography_with phonenr Highland Beach real estate photographer

real estate photography bfnk2 front_hdr lr4 copy pool copy ymt2

west palm beach real estate photographer

Ft.lauderdale real estate photographer