My love Frank Gehry designed house for his LOVE

I have a blessing…. I did grow up with my Godfathers influence in my architectural taste. (he was architect) Many of my friends know about my obsession with architects. A specially with Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies van der Rohe ,Eero Saarinen and of course Frank Gehry.

I had that pleasure to see some of his works in person…meaning I lived in Chicago and now I visit Miami often and on one of my work related visits to LA I did find time to see his designed building – Walt Disney Concert Hall.

I found out he designed Facebooks Headquarters in Silicone Valley as well.

Why im not surprised?

Today I stumbled upon article from Architectural Digest about house he designed for his wife and him.

Frank Gehry
Many dreams starts with “when I will win the lottery” …and my dreams are …I will live either at Frank Gehrys designed house or Frank Lloyds house….my favorite Farnsworth house (designed by Mies van der Rohe) is turned to museum. No luck there 🙂

There is link to article about his house

As a real estate photographer I would love one day to photograph any of his designed buildings…. with all the curves, play with shapes and shadows.

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