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West Palm Beach Real estate Photographer

Florida – West Palm Beach Real estate photographer.

While I was photographing this house I felt I met my soulmate.

Can house be your soulmate?

But everithg there was the way I would like to be…except I would have a tiny bit less paintings and more photography.

Everything…color choices, furniture choices was like somebody read my mind and set up my dream house.

Unfortunately I’m not looking for new house, but maybe you are. Take a look at these pictures and maybe you will fall in love as well.

Isn’t that great joB? While working meet your soulmate? Our rendezvous with this house ended with Twiglight pictures- nice and romantic. Bye house you are lovable!

I’m out for next real estate shot tomorrow.

west palm beach real estate photographer master bedroom

florida real estate

south florida real estate photographer master bathroom

Florida real estate photographer west palm beach

florida real estate photographer twilight pictures

twilight shot florida real estate

lorida real estate photographer entrance at night

To see other virtual tours please click here

If you need real estate pictures taken with love contact me šŸ™‚Ā 

Video walk trough for real estate : Florida real estate video

Video walk trough for real estate.

To help you stand out in real estate market, promote your property and improve SEO and boost your real estate video marketing.

I can help you with your real estate video production, filming and editing.

Tell the story with video about property and surrounding areas and neighborhood .

Make your potencial buyer feel they are with you at video walk trough.

How achieve it. Instead of still pictures make real estate video tour and aeral videos to help people imagine them owning the place and living there. A specially today when many potential home buyers make decisions online.

Florida real estate video and photography. Video tours become more and more popular for real estate marketing.

Do not follow trends – be a trendsetter!

Florida_real-estate_photographer_boca. Florida real estate photographer kitchen

Piece of old Florida on Flagler :: Florida real estate photographer

Have you ever dreamed living in paradise?

Florida real estate photographer

This place feels like one.

As real estate photographer I see great properties for sale every day, but this is far superior of all of them.

I love Old school Florida feeling when each house was different, no cookie cutters and guarded same style communities in my wish list!

Property is located on intercostal waterway in small pocket what I call “artsy area”.

With outside dining room and pool when you can enjoy your drink and watch passing boats orĀ enjoy you wine and watch Palm beach Island lights at night.

Inside design is Unique and very tastefull.

Just close your eyes and imagine sound of water hitting and sunrise in mornings and calm nights on your patio with your family or friends.

In my Next blog post I will post about gorgeous Guest house of this property.

florida real estate photographer

florida real estate photographer

House is not where you live, house is were you feel like home.

South Florida real estate photographer serving from Miami to Port St. Lucie.

Interested in my services email me or call 561-339-9984

House in Jupiter :: South Florida ::

Are Ā you looking for house in quite family friendly neighborhood in sunny south florida ?

As a real estate photographer every day I see a lot of beautiful houses but this one was calling my name…

Unfortunately I’m not looking for new house šŸ™

Look at the pictures!

Great kitchen located next to dining and living room, gorgeous bedroom and twoĀ master closets, perfect size pool with patio to relax with your book or drink and watch sun going down and painting sky cotton candy pink.

One of the bedrooms is turned to sports themed TV room. Just saying….

Mancave ready and specially now when playoffs are going on.

Updated Garage with plenty of storage and its all next to the park where kids can play orĀ your 4 legged friend run.

And best thing house is not on market yet. …

That is my big bonus as real estate photographer I can see houses before they are put up for sale.

Florida real estate photographer Florida real estate photographer Florida real estate photographer Florida real estate photographer Florida real estate photographer Florida real estate photographer Florida real estate photographer Florida real estate photographer Florida real estate photographer Florida real estate photographer***
whole virtual tour you can see


Real estate photographer west palm beach

How to get your listings SEO up ::

Many of regular real estate photography clients were asking me advice- How to make her real estate listing appear on top of the search

After IĀ did someĀ research, internet reading and couple conversations with other realtors looks like there is easy way to get your real estate listing up in search ranking, get buyers attention and sell property faster. And you know fast sales brings in referrals.

Listing Walk trough tour .

Yes, not virtual tours, not slideshows but video.

I know there is app on your ipone and you can use those it, but the same as with stills they will not look the best and professionally done they will be shaky with not properly and even lit rooms.

Couple month ago I did walk thought video for one of my favorite real estate photography clients onĀ Singer Island.

This is not only one of my favorite clients but one of my favorite video tours.

Client was prepared, house was staged and neat. It was pleasure work.

Please take a peak howĀ the property walk trough videoĀ looks.


If you are having difficulties wieving video here, please click the link and see on my Vimeo page directly.

I know video walk trough tours It works as catalist to fing your property faster rightnow why not every agent is doing it. You know how fast Internet marketing is changing.

Be different, stand out and be winner in your market.

High real estate selling season in our sunny Florida is coming soon – get ready for it and have great success in your business!

In future I will share couple more tips how to prepare property and owners for photoshot and filming property.

or you just post directly fro youtube with link i provide like this

White house in west palm beach

One of the main reasons why I still do real estate photography in Miami,

even its hour and a half drive to shot,

areĀ houses or apartments like this house.

Clean lines just touch of color as accent. All crisp and shiny šŸ™‚ But this time house was located in one of the West palm beahc subburbs.

It was everithing i would do at my house. They even had the same finish chairs as i’m refinishing now.

Yes, my taste is more urban the subburban:)Ā and this houseĀ was plesant surpirse for me.

Never judge house from the front!

Only thing I wish realtor would order areal pictures for this was located on big lot on golf couse it would look great from birds eye view.





west palm beach real estate photographerwest palm beach real estate photographerwest palm beach real estate photographerwest palm beach real estate photographerwestpalmbeach_real_estate_photographer-8

Rachel Zoe:: how to make your place Stylish

I’m no sure you guys do not know but i’mĀ upsest with Rachel Zoe.

Even with her ridiculiness to overdress her kids in designer outfits. But my theory is – if you can afford it why not.

She has one of the characteristicsĀ what I value most in people – She works hard.

But why i’m posting about Rachel Zoe here in real estate photography blog?

I stumbled upon her article in Architectural Digest about how to make your place stylish.

And as a realtors you know…sometimes it is hard to sell property if decor is outdated and old school.

You don’t have to redecorate whole house but just couple simple tweeks would help.

I have seen comparison ton the properties I have photographed. I did have two real estate shots in the same neighborhood, on the same street. I did good job on both of them…one was sold ~45 days earlier. Only one difference was in decor. Actulally house what was sold later had better backyard view.

The house what was sold later was full wich chackies and old furniture. SellersĀ not have to go and shop for new furniture just get new bedspread box away your grandmas figurines and old silk plants etc etc…but IĀ will talk about it in my next posts. And maybe an inteview with a stager company.

Just simple excerpts from her article –

Know When to OutsourceĀ ā€œPeople always assume interior design is something Iā€™m really good at, or obsessed with, and I am in some ways. But for me, having a designer to help make the vision come to life is a necessity. I think having someone to execute and create and bring what they think will work is so helpful. Literally, this is everything I wanted. And I couldnā€™t have done this on my own, no way.ā€

Remember, Less Is MoreĀ ā€œI wanted to create a really airy, dreamlike environmentā€”thatā€™s how Iā€™ve always approached any place Iā€™m going to spend time, whether itā€™s my home, my office, or now this pop-up shop. I never want to feel cluttered. I never want to feel cramped. I like less furnitureā€”but furniture with an impact.ā€

And again why i’m talking about it here? I would love to help you to sell properties faster. My pictures help, but to be preparedĀ for 100% success, property has to be prepared for shoot as well. I have agents who has prephotoshoot consultations with seller and gives recomendations how to rearrange existing furniture what decorations take away or what to add before real estate photography takes place.

Based on my experience I will be posting series of articles for agents –Ā how to stage and prepare house for photoshoot.

Please come back to check it out. But meanwhile enjoy what Rachel Zoe has to say on this topic.


And just one sample of perfectly prepered house for photoshoot Ā and im sure it will sell fast.

westpalmbeach_real_estate_photographer.jpg westpalmbeach_real_estate_photographer_6 westpalmbeach_real_estate_photographer-7 westpalmbeach_real_estate_photographer-8 westpalmbeach_real_estate_photographer westpalmbeach_real_estate_photographer3 westpalmbeach_real_estate_photographer4


West Palm Beach Real estate photography :: twilight shot

West Palm Beach Real estate photographer

:: twilight shot ::

Do you want your property stand out?

May be you can ad twilight frontal or pool photography to your package ?

This is not my favorite twilight shot but this is one I remembered to take before shot to show you difference in look.

And you can see BIG difference in look

before and after twilight photos real estate photography When to schedule twilight shot?

I usually try to schedule it right after interior shot but start setting everything up at least 45 minutes before sunset.

It takes at least 20 up to 150 (depends on size of the house) combined shots to properly light house and get the “sky in fire” look.

Of course it all depends what side your house is facing, but sometimes you can get great sunset reflections Ā or pool shots if house is facing west.

west palm beach real estate photographer

Call me if you have any questions how to schedule and prepare for twilight shot !

Sincerely your

florida real estate photographer


Jupiter has been credited with the number seven spot in a top 10 list of best places to live in Florida



jupiter_realestate_photography092Jupiter has been credited with the number seven spot in a top 10 list of best places to live in Florida, according to a report by the Movoto Real Estate Blog.


With Jupiterā€™s relaxed, beachfront ambiance combined with its lavish shops, hotels and restaurants, it comes as no surprise to us that our city made the list as one of the most easygoing and low-key towns to reside in.


From beaches to baseball, Jupiter has it all. During Spring Training season, both the Miami Marlins and the St. Louis Cardinals train and play at Jupiter’s Roger Dean Stadium. Jupiterā€™s also widely known up and down the coast for having one of the friendliest and cleanest beaches in Florida.


While Jupiter may have been the only city in Palm Beach County to make the cut, six Broward County cities made the list showing us exactly why South Florida overall is one of the best places to live in Florida.


Hereā€™s Movoto Real Estateā€™s complete list of cities:


10. Weston, Fla.

9. Coconut Creek, Fla.

8. Davie, Fla.

7. Jupiter, Fla.

6. Cape Coral, Fla.

5. Gainesville, Fla.

4. Pompano Beach, Fla.

3. Winter Park, Fla.

2. Deerfield Beach, Fla.

1. Coral Springs, Fla.


jupiter real estate photographer LF

jupiter real estate photographer


Greenwich Village in Palm Beach County?


Now art craving palm Beach people will be able to enjoy it here …along with Northwood district we will have own “Greenwich Village”

Art galleries and design shops. Hip restaurants and townhomes. Thereā€™s a new live-work-play area, and itā€™s right in West Palm Beach.

The once-sleepy part of West Palm Beach along south Dixie Highway, bordered by Okeechobee Boulevard to the north and Belvedere Road to the south, is being transformed into what one observer dubbed the next Greenwich Village. Investors are hungry for properties where they can open or build restaurants, design studios, professional offices and homes.



repost from The Palm Beach Post