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How to get your listings SEO up ::

Many of regular real estate photography clients were asking me advice- How to make her real estate listing apear on top of the search

After I did some reasearch, internet reading and cople conversations with other realtors looks like there is easy way to get your real estate listing up in search ranking, get byers atention and sell property faster. And you know fast sales brings in referals.

Listing Walk trough tour .

Yes, not virtual tours, not slideshows but video.

I know there is app on your ipone and you can use those it, but the same as with stills they will not look the best and professionally done they will be shaky with not properly and even lit rooms.

Couple month ago I did walk trought video for one of my favorite real estate photography clients on Singer Island.

This is not only one of my favorite clinets but one of my favorite vidoe tours.

Client was prepared, house was staged and neat. It was pleasure work.

Please take a peak how the property walk trough video looks.


If you are having difficulties wieving video here, please click the link and see on my Vimeo page directly.

I know video walk trough tours It works as catalist to fing your property faster rightnow why not every agent is doing it. You know how fast Internet marketing is changing.

Be different, stand out and be winner in your market.

High real estate selling season in our sunny Florida is coming soon – get ready for it and have great success in your bussiness!

In future I will share couple more tips how to prepare property and owners for photoshot and filming property.